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  • In Florida police raid mother/daughter massage parlour and make video

  • After 50 years on The Queensway House of Lancaster to be replaced with this...

  • At Unit 523, 1315 Lawrence E Hottest Vietnamese Michelle is terrfic at Palace

  • Greenleaf Spa Fantastic Asian Beauty only on Wednesdays

For Your Information

  • In Scarboro Tulip Spa has new owner 2778 Kennedy@Finch

  • Next to Vivid Daisy Spa has new owner 4801 Steeles

  • Beautiful Celine and Imperial now running Natural Spa on VicPark

  • After 15 years Speedvale Spa in Guelph has closed

  • On Beaver Creek Shangri-La Wellness has opened

  • On Middlefield Daisy Spa has new owners from Asia

  • On Bathurst Sunnybay has new owners from China

  • In Montreal dozens of massage parlours ordered closed

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