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Joe Rogan is a very popular podcaster. He is also a UFC announcer, comedian and fitness guru. His 3 hour interview of Elon Musk has been watched 25 million Times. His interview with Bernie Sanders introduced the politician to a whole new demographic. He popular with both the left and the right. He is a liberal but likes to hunt and criticize leftist extremists.
His interview guests are very varied by fall into three groups: fighters, entertainers and thinkers. Joe loves Toronto because of the friendly and beautiful people. His favourite restaurant is Joe Beef in Montreal where they served him horse meat. In the 3000 hours of podcasting, I havent heard him talk about the 1000 massage parlours opening up all over Los Angeles.

His guests have included Bernie Sanders, Gavin McInnes, Jordan Peterson, Russell Peters, Ana Kasparian, Candace Owens, Cornel West, Danica Patrick, David Pakman, DEADMAU5, Debra Soh, Melissa Etheridge, Mikhaila Peterson, Roseanne Barr, Stefan Molyneux, Steven Pinker, Tulsi Gabbard, Abby Martin, Adam Carolla and Alex Jones

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