Toronto Bodyslide Massage Questions

bodyslide definition Bodyslides have been happening for decades in Toronto's massage parlours.
The question begs an answer: Are they becoming passe?
In 2011, Nuru Massage got a lot of attention from the customers and Internet audience. A few massage parlours are offering it as are several independents. The price for a Nuru bodyslide is roughly double a standard bodyslide due to the expensive gel and extra prepartion time. Everyone seems to have accepted Nuru as something to try once and maybe repeat yearly. It remains to be seen how the existance of Nuru providors has affected the type of bodyslides being offered and delivered in the exotic massage studios.

Another question that begs an answer: Where was the first bodyslide performed?
Erotic Mssages have been happening for centuries but the existant of good bodyslide oil is probably more recnt. It is likely that gooey oil was developed in China and Japan around 500 AD. The Oriental nobles of that era were probably receiving hundreds of bodyslides perhaps from young professional masseseuses.

And a third essential question is: Where did the "bodyslide" term come from?
The term bodyslide does not appear to be translated from another language so its country of origin is rather limited. It could very well be a Canada-only phrase but if so it has amazing longevity for such a regional word. It was already popular in the mid 1990s. It may well of started in downtown Toronto in 1970s when massage parlours were very prevalent on Yonge between Bloor and Queen.

A fourth critical question is: What is the boundary between a "bodyslide" and other services?
A bodyslide is the next step up from a "Nude Reverse" but are they mutually exclusive? Can you ask for a "Nude Reverse Bodyslide" just to be sure that she removes her panties or is it 100% certain she will be nude. Some massage parlours offer VIP sessions that are one step up from a bodyslide. Are these terms mutually exclusive? Is it valid to ask for a "VIP bodyslide"? Similarly, is a "pussyslide" a intimate type of bodyslide or a separate maneuver altogether. The use of the phrase "Thai massage" also is unclear. According to a post on TERB, in Montreal a "Thai massage" is a bodyslide.

A bodyslide is like a striptease. Its exercise, entertainment and art all rolled into one. Renee from SRM apparantly gives an amazing and unique bodyslide. It think it would be best explained by video rather than words.

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