North York Massage Parlour Raided By Police

Blue Pearl massage Parlour in North York Has been busted by Metro Toronto police.

Supposedly the police discovered an underaged girl working at the Blue Pearl massage parlour at 3598 Dufferin Road. She was "rescued" from the apartment above the spa where the owner lives. The police arrest the owner, Sal, at his mother's home.

Blue Pearl is an opulant spa will an expensive high-quality Italian interior. Blue Pearl Spa has a bodyrub license allowing it privleges that other massage parlours ("Holistic centres") do not have. The massage parlour has become increasingly slow after being very busy from 2002-2006. Selena had recently left for Platinum Spa.

The Blue Pearl Spa website shows recent photos of the massage attendants.

Many girls who have worked at Blue Pearl have gone on to work at other massage parlours and spoken about the vibe at the spa. Heather is the msot famous girl from Blue Pearl and is known as a five star rocker chic. There are many reviews on TERB about Blue Pearl.

From The Toronto Star

Prostitution raid at North York spa: Police arrest 2, find 16-year-old girl

Graham Slaughter
Staff Reporter

York Region police arrested two suspects Friday after discovering a 16-year-old girl who was sold for sex out of a North York spa.

"For the most part they're doing it out of desperation and all too often they become victims of exploitation," Det. Const. Shane MacKenzie said.

The Blue Pearl Spa, at 3598 Dufferin St. near Wilson St., was raided by police Friday evening.

Police officers found the 16-year-old girl working inside the spa during the raid, MacKenzie said.

A man and woman were arrested in connection with the spa bust. The man faces charges of procuring a person to become a prostitute and living off the avails of juvenile prostitution.

The spa's website displays pictures of scantily clad women. Despite the innuendo, the website insists that the spa "in no way [offers] adult entertainment services of any kind."
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