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Young Fella gets a Bangkok Hot Oil Massage and No Happy Ending



I know I will get razzed over this, but I gotta ask. I've been to Thailand umpteen million times, gotten many hot and soapies and my fair share of traditional thai massages. Last trip, which I just got back from, at a traditional massage place I opted for the hot oil massage for the first time ever. They assigned me to a young cutie. She proceeded to spend about two hours, with me naked, giving me a great hot oil massage (which cost a whopping 400 baht). Okay, so after about five minutes Mr. Willie was up at attention the entire time. Now she "accidently" brushed him a couple times, and worked the inner thighs, etc. but just barely stayed within the realms of propriety, if that is possible with me buck naked and at attention. The whole time I wondered, what comes next? Picking up a normal Thai girl isn't like picking up a gogo girl, that's for sure. Was this a "normal" girl? All the traditional Thai massages I'd recieved had been in relatively public areas (a curtain seperating us from others etc.) and had been done by unattractive ladies, and I was wearing loose pant-shorts. This time I was naked, the girl was pretty, and we were in a private room, i was sexy-slippery with hot oil, though on a massage table. And the flesh was certainly willing. I wondered if at the end she would ask something, hint something? Well, when she was done, she tapped me on the butt, said you take shower now, and met my eyes. I glanced down at Willie, and found myself speechless, not wanting to offend, but damned horny! She accompanied me to the shower, rinsed and toweled me off and led me back to my clothes. That was it. No mention or hint of anything else, or even the possibility. She did smile timidly at me.

Did I blow it? Should I have asked? Do hot oil massages often leave open the option of extras? First time in Thailand I ever found myself with blue balls and I want to get some feedback for next time. I intend to go see the same girl again in my next trip if you all can help me understand how these things work. I know, I feel stupid, but there are firsts for everything. I'm so used to always having everything so easy in Thailand a little thing like this threw me for a loop. No jokes guys, give me the straight scoop on your experiences.

Well guys what do you think?

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