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Toronto has had several massage legends. There was Melanie from 50 Yorkville and Tia from Golden Touch. And Michelle from T and T? And Palladium Nikki from Jane and Highway 7. And Gina from Chelseys Whoa! Looking for babes, well go to GTA Girls Photography. Lots of great photos.

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Preston is more than party central
Abbas Erotic Massage
145 Brackenbury
01772 788183
Angels Erotic Massage
83a Plungington
01772 257638
Barons Erotic Massage
9 St Wilfrid
01772 888828
Dianas Erotic Massage
250a New Hall Lane
01772 701425
Louise's Massage
145 Market W
01772 200638
VIP Erotic Massage
17a New Hall Lane
01772 702878
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